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The St. Ambrose Foundation

Your legacy gift to this special reserve fund helps provide a “safety net” for our parish through tough economic times. For example, during the Covid19 pandemic when churches were closed and donations were down, funds from the St. Ambrose Foundation fund helped pay our very basic parish expenses.

Unlike an endowment fund (where donors restrict use of their gift to its earnings only), this fund may be used for special needs approved by the Rector and Finance Council. Their intent is to let this fund grow whenever possible, so you can expect your gift here to be a longer-lasting legacy.

Planning a final, lasting gift 

You can give to our faith family even beyond your lifetime by arranging a future gift now.


Giving through life insurance

With a simple form, you can direct your insurance company to direct a final gift to St. Ambrose Cathedral through your after you die. The Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa can help you arrange this kind of gift to the Cathedral.



A legacy of faith through your will or trust

Your attorney can help amend your will or trust documents to include St. Ambrose Cathedral or St. Ambrose Foundation as a beneficiary.  Some people like to specify an amount to be given from their estate. Others choose to give a specific percentage of their estate. Professionals at the Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa can help you consider a gift of this kind to our parish.


More generosity beyond your lifetime

By talking with the professionals at Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa, you can learn about many other ways to support St. Ambrose, Catholic Charities, Diocesan needs, and other important work that matches your Catholic values.

Who can help me shape a legacy?

To discuss the future needs and opportunities for our St. Ambrose faith community, we invite you t talk with our rector Fr. Nivin Scaria.

To understand legacy giving options that best fit your situation and desires, our parish encourages you to talk with Sue McEntee at Catholic Foundation of Southwest Iowa. Their mission is to help donors give financial support to Catholic parishes, schools, and organizations within the Diocese of Des Moines.

The trained staff at the Catholic Foundation are careful listeners, and they can help each step of the way to create a gift to the Catholic Foundation that ultimately benefits the St. Ambrose Cathedral parish family. They provide a gift expertise that our parish staff does not have – and they do not charge fees to you or the parish to establish such gifts.

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