Liturgical Ministries

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Would you like to try participating in Mass in a new role?

Where might God be calling you to a new experience?

Please pray about it.

To learn more or express your interest, please contact the parish office at 515-288-7411 or

You’ll be introduced to a parishioner who can tell you more a ministries below that interests you.

Ministries of Welcome


Yes, ushers pass the basket. They also welcome people to the church, answer visitor questions, and keep an eye on people’s needs, comfort and safety. Everyone deserves a welcoming smile, and the hospitality of ushers reflects God’s love for all.

Seasonal Decor

Each time the liturgical season changes, a few people are working behind the scenes to change the decor and prepare the church for holy day liturgies.

At the Altar

Altar Servers

Those who have received First Communion can ask to be trained to serve at the altar. Servers carry and manage the items needed by the priest, and they lead us in an attitude of reverence. We especially encourage our young people to help in this ministry.


Proclaiming the Word of God to our people is always a privilege – and a wonderful way to be drawn deeper into God’s Word as you prepare.


We appreciate the strong voices and presence of our cantors, as they help us to pray in song.

Sharing the Body of Christ

Extraordinary Minister Of the Eucharist (EMOE)

Those who train as Eucharistic Ministers have a close and unique view of our parish Body of Christ. Formation and training are provided, so as to learn the depth of this ministry as well as the appropriate ways to distribute Communion. To be eligible to serve as EMOE, you must be Baptized and Confirmed.

Some Eucharistic ministers go the next mile – taking the Eucharist to those who are unable to attend Mass. This service is part of our Homebound Ministry, and it is deeply appreciated.

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