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World Youth Day pilgrims need our support

Nearly 40 young adults from St. Ambrose parish are eager to participate in World Youth Day 2023 in Lisbon — and they are saving and earning money to afford this remarkable pilgrimage.

Many of these faith-filled young adults cannot afford to go on this life-changing adventure without our help. They represent many of our parish’s ethnic communities, and many come from refugee families. They may be pursuing educations or starting jobs, and yet they are sacrificing to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience.

Your gifts of funds and prayer will make it possible for these devoted parishioners to bring an increased love of God back to our parish life!

Lisbon coastline from WYD23 site

200,000 young Catholics coming to Lisbon, Portugal!

World Youth Day invites Catholic young adults (mostly ages 18-39) to gather from around the world for six days of prayer, learning and the togetherness of faith-filled peers.

Already, 200,000 young Catholics from 120 countries have registered — to gather with Pope Francis and one another!

This takes place in August 2023 in Lisbon.

  • Our St. Ambrose pilgrims will travel with others from the Diocese of Des Moines. They will stay in family homes, pursue service activities, and share faith with other pilgrims in the Dioces of Lisbon.
Plaza during Our Lady of Fatima procession. Courtesy of Vatican News website
  • Our pilgrims are especially excited about the time they will spend together at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. Many St. Ambrose families have a deep love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. This holy place offers a special time of retreat, reflection, prayer and growth for our pilgrims.
  • Our preparation is part of this pilgrimage! It’s our parish opportunity to know one another better and encourage each other in faith. For older parishioners, it’s an opportunity to pass our faith forward to this next generation!

How can you help?

Pray for our pilgrims

Your prayers from now through August make you an important part of this pilgrimage experience.

The Holy Spirit is at work in all of this!

Donate for World Youth Day sponsorship

Each pilgrim is putting what they can in the World Youth Day account. Yet, they’ll need our help to cover everyone’s travel.

Sponsors are contributing to the St. Ambrose World Youth Day account. Will you be a sponsor, too?

There are many ways to give. Just be sure to note World Youth Day on your gift. If you give online, be sure to choose the “St. Ambrose Cathedral – WYD” account on the gift form’s pulldown menu.

Support the fundraising activities

Our pilgrims are approaching this opportunity as a community effort! We can all be part of that community.

Pilgrims, with their friends and relatives, are taking on fund-raising activities to fill the St. Ambrose World Youth Day account. For example:

  • On many autumn nights, pilgrims and friends cleaned Principal Park after ballgames to earn money for this trip.
  • All who attend the December benefit concert and food sale are boosting the account as they build community.

Watch this space and Community News to see how you can help upcoming fundraisers.

Be inspired!

We’re proud that St. Ambrose Cathedral parish has the largest group of pilgrims attending from the Diocese of Des Moines!

Our young people of faith are so inspiring, and give us much hope.

It was an act of faith for our parish to say, “We will help you go!” and for our young adults to commit to this trip, trusting that our faith community and the Holy Spirit can make this possible for them. Surprises and miracles have been happening for months around this effort! Please follow the news as it unfolds, and share the excitement.

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