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Helping Moms find support before and after their babies are born

St. Ambrose parish has joined Walking with Moms in Need, an initiative of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to increase the Church’s outreach to pregnant and parenting women in need.    The project is inspired by St. John Paul II’s call to assess the Church’s efforts in building a culture of life.

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Our goal is that St. Ambrose parishioners have access to current information so that each of us will know where to refer a pregnant or parenting mother for help.  In this way, our St. Ambrose community can respond to Pope Francis’ call for parishes to be “islands of mercy in the midst of a sea of indifference.”

A core team of St. Ambrose parishioners started working on this year-long project in May 2022 to share information with parishioners; build a parish support network; and take an inventory of local resources for pregnant and parenting mothers.  The team completed the inventory process in May 2023.

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At the Masses on the weekend of June 3 and 4, 2023, the team distributed a printed brochure. containing several resources for pregnant and parenting mothers and their families.  More resources are included in an online resource directory.

Certain resources may be subject to income eligibility and funding limitations.  Non-Catholic organizations are included in the brochure and online resource directory where, to our knowledge, the service offered by the organization does not contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.  If a concern arises about a resource, or to identify other resources, please inform the Walking with Moms in Need team.

Next steps:  
The team will continue to meet to make sure the information included in the brochure and online resource directory is up-to-date.  Also, we will continue to pray and find ways our parish can support mothers in our community as they prepare to welcome the gift of new life and raise their children.

Thank you for the support you have already given.  We ask for your continued support, prayers and involvement.  Thank you!

Current projects

Help us welcome additions to your family!  

The St. Ambrose Walking with Moms team hopes to stay in touch with expecting and new moms in our parish.  If you want to let us know you are expecting a baby or have welcomed a new baby into your family, send us an email at or leave us a message by calling the parish office.  We would love to be able to pray for you by name as you await the day your baby is born and send our best wishes when he or she arrives!

Diaper Drive 

In October 2023 we sponsored a diaper drive in celebration of Respect Life Month, when we consider more deeply why every human life is valuable, pray for the protection of human life at every stage, and are called to put our love into action by accompanying mothers and their children.  We collected donations the weekend of October 14 and 15.  After the 11:00 a.m. Mass on October 22, we distributed diapers and wipes to the many families that came to the Parish Hall.  Thanks to your generous donations, we had plenty of diapers in a variety of needed sizes and wipes to pass out, with some leftover to take to Mary’s Helping Hands, an agency that helps moms meet the basic needs for their child’s first year of life.

Thanks also to the friend of our parish who donated hats and gloves and winter coats for children.  This was the second diaper drive sponsored by Walking with Moms in Need in 2023, and once again, your response was so helpful.  Thank you!


If you are interested in joining the core team or have questions, contact


Please pray with us that our parish will become a place of welcome and support for pregnant and parenting mothers!


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