History of St. Ambrose


St. Ambrose was born around the year 340 in Southern Gaul of noble parents. As a youth, he studied classics, various philosophers, and Greek. He soon made a name for himself as public speaker and poet. While Ambrose was still in his late twenties, he was made governor and served the people justly and kindly. In the year 374, the bishop of Milan died and there was a major dispute about who should take his place. Seeking to keep the dispute from becoming an uprising, Ambrose intervened but he so impressed the people with a speech that he was chosen to be bishop even though he was only a catechumen. Ambrose did all he could to avoid becoming bishop, but he was unsuccessful. Ambrose was ordained bishop on December 7, 374 at the age of 34. The first thing that St. Ambrose did once he took office was to give away all his possessions so he could totally commit his life to his flock. As bishop, Ambrose immediately began to use his talent of public speaking to instruct his flock. He preached against the Arian heresy and continually instructed the people in the practice of virtue. Ambrose penned many works in defense of the Faith and exhorting people to holiness.

During his lifetime, Ambrose called several councils and worked tirelessly against the Arian heresy. He died around the year 397.

Written by: Duy Huynh, Parishioner