Groups & Committees

Pastoral Visioning Council
The Pastoral Visioning Council began in the spring of 2007.  The Diocesan Office of Pastoral Planning  has set guidelines for the advisory body.  Their purpose is to offer the parish community insights and reflection regarding it's future life and direction.  The make up of this body is composed of a variety of age, ethnic groups and backgrounds who make up the cathedral parish community.  A vital part of the mission of the council is on going faith formation what is a part of every ministry.  Membership takes place through a discernment process.  The council meets four to five times a year.
Contact: Fr. John Bertogli (288-7411x205)

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee helps maintain the budget and advises the pastor on the use of funds. Parishioners join the Finance Committee by invitation from the pastor. 
Contact: Rick Thompson (284-0599)

Music Ministry
The music ministry at St. Ambrose assists the assembly in sung prayer. The ministry consists of a director of music, organists, pianists, instrumentalists, cantors/song leaders, and choir members. We are very blessed to have many devoted, committed, and talented musicians to serve our parish in this role. Currently, we have three ensembles each consisting of an accompanist, instrumentalists, and vocalists. The ensembles minister at 2-4 masses per month, depending on the scheduling. They rehearse in the evening during the week prior to their weekend mass. We have about ten vocalists who, once or twice a month, cantor/song lead at mass, accompanied by an organist or pianist. There are many opportunities to share your musical gifts and talents. Anyone can join the music ministry in any capacity we offer, including high school students and ethnic singing groups. Our door is always open to those who want to contribute to the musical prayer of our celebrations.
Contact:  Debbie Rohrer (515-288-7411 x 300)

Liturgy Committee
The Liturgy Committee is a “worship and spirituality” committee. This committee seeks to build up the Body of Christ through worship and prayer. Realizing worship is integral to the faith community, the liturgy committee explores and implements ways to make the liturgies at St. Ambrose more welcoming, prayerful, participatory, and diverse. The committee strives to give the St. Ambrose parish family a renewed sense of hope in living the Gospel daily.
Contact: Debbie Rohrer (515-288-7411 x 300)

Refugee Ministry
St. Ambrose Cathedral is a “Catholic United Nations Parish.” We have a rich diversity of parishioners. Our parish family consists of people from all over the world, including refugees from Southeast Asia and recently those from Africa. We have a full-time pastoral minister who coordinates refugee ministry together with our current refugee leaders in our parish community.
Contact: Fr. Ambrose Ladu (288-7411 X 204)

St. Vincent DePaul Society (SVDP)
The St. Vincent DePaul Society is a parish level unit of a world-wide Catholic organization. They are devoted to serving the needs of the poor by making visits to families or individuals and determining the level of need for financial assistance or in-kind services. Families or individual referrals are sent to parishes by the local St. Vincent DePaul office. SVDP meets in the St. Ambrose Parish Hall on the first Tuesday of every month.
Contact: Marilyn Sharp 515-707-8642

Other Committes & Contacts
Lector/Eucharistic Minister -  Dorothy Miller (265-4097)
Ministry to the Homebound -  Becky McKay (515-707-6178)
Religious Education -  Dorothy Miller (265-4097)